Friday, February 26, 2016

Bad news for fans of Martin Clunes

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The giant statue of local celebrity Martin Clunes has broken free of its moorings off the Dorset Coast amid fears for the safety of its 27 crew.

Built to celebrate the actor's continuing success as miserable bastard Doc Martin, the 300-foot sea-going monument was moored off Portland Bill, until recent storms made it drag its anchor.

Last seen heading toward France, the Royal Navy are preparing to sink the Clunes in deep water to prevent contamination from its nuclear-powered engines.

I am not mad.

The Clunes in happier days


Dioclese said...

No. You are!


TRT said...

Zut alors! Le Clune de Mer!

Nuts n Yolks said...

does one have to live in the UK to qualify for the Funniest UK Blog contest?