Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Unblocked by Chegwin

I have been unblocked by Keith Chegwin on Twitter. This disappoints me.

In fact, the well-known joke recycler has unblocked loads of people of Twitter, to the point that #UnblockedByChegwin has become an actual hashtag.

The reason why he blocked me and – seemingly – thousands of others is a mystery. Some think that it was a response to complaints that he had "recycled" one of their jokes without attribution, others because he has an itchy blocking finger.

I know why I was blocked. And that's why I'm disappointed that he has unblocked me.

You see, on 9 October 1988, I and four others were trapped in a Sunday evening traffic jam on the southbound M1. We were on the way back from a pointless 2-1 victory at Villa Park, and the road was jammed up like an Imodium overdose victim.
And there, in the car next to us, was Keith Chegwin.

We knew it was Keith Chegwin, because he was driving a car with "Keith Chegwin, sponsored by [Newbury-based garage]".

We mooned him, dear reader. We mooned him.

For about 30 miles. It was an act of youthful bravado that almost certainly tipped poor Cheggers over the edge.

And back to 2012-ish, and like some damn fool I shared this memory with Keith Chegwin on Twitter.

Down came the block hammer.

And yet, he has seen fit to unblock me. Cheggers, I am disappoint.


TRT said...

Ch... ch... ch... Chiggers plays poop.

Caustic Joda said...

Chegwin effective is I say? Fatberg sewer plague Chegwin unblock good?

NobblySan said...

'Unblocked by Chegwin'?

Would that be 'unblocked' in the Dynorod (tm) sense?

If so, the shame on you sir! - I thought that such filth and debauchery was beneath you . . . not behind you.