Monday, February 08, 2016

Keeping it real with Ian Beale

I've had an idea. An idea for the best television programme in the world ever. Here, let me explain, in Twitter form:

They don't even have to film the last scene, either, as there is plenty of archive footage.

Like Terry and June, only with an East End thug and a bloke who runs a chip shop who has survived innumerable assassination attempts. There's even a working title:

Man, I can taste the BAFTA awards dinner already.


TRT said...

You're in love with Adam Woodyatt aren't you?

TRT said...

Also... End of season finale...

Phil. "Ian, look. I just wanted to say thank for saving my life by hitting me with that oversized cod and knocking me out of the way of the bus. This don't come easy to me, and I'm only going to say it once... but thanks, mate. This is for you."
*Hands Ian a gift wrapped box*
Ian. "I don't know what to say, Phil. I'm touched. Genuinely."
Phil. "Yeah."
*Phil turns and exits then watches Ian through the chip shop window.*
*Ian unwraps box and opens lid*
Ian. "Aargh! Wasps!"
Phil. "LOL"

Anonymous said...

Shorter title: "Keepin' it Beale"