Thursday, May 29, 2003

"The Scaryduck Kitten-o-matic"

What Kitten Week really, really needs is a great big list of stupid kitten links. So, here's a great big list of stupid kitten links, tried-and-tested for 100% kitteny goodness. Thanks to everybody to sent stuff, if you think I've missed out simportant kittenage, leave linkies in the comments section and I'll shoe-horn the little buggers in.

"Don't ask"

* Dress your cat up as a chicken. Or a tiger. Or a frog. But why, in the name of sanity, WHY?
* Random Kitten Generator for all you random kitteny goodness. From the same creative genius that brought you Kittenfilter.
* Punk Kittens. The original and best. Look at Nohands go! Now they want to take you to a Gay Bar.

* Cat Clay Pigeon Shooting. Never mind how sick it is, just reload!
* Not real kittens. Sorry.
* My Cat Hates You. No, really, she thinks you're a git and has never forgiven you for that fart-powder-in-the-catnip business.
* Bonsai Kitten. Original spoof site, still reeling in the humourless after all these years.

* Rate My Kitten. The original Nohands kitten, now available as a postcard. And if you still can't get enough of the little bugger, there's a huge Nohands Gallery to completely rot your brain. Awwww!
* I expect you've only seen this about 10,000 times before today. Make that 10,001, then. But did you know that Cliche Kitty has his own blog? And loads of friends, and a shop.
* Mittens still wants your spicy brains.

Kittens. Loads and loads of kittens.

"Not Kittens"

Our congratulations go to former Beatle Paul McCartney and his lovely not-a-gold-digger-at-all wife Heather Mills on the news of Ms Mills' pregnancy. We would like to crush any rumour right now that the only reason they are having a kid is so they can cheat at the parents' three-legged race at the school sports day. That is all.

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