Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Rules of the Blog

Rules of the Blog

You asked, you got. These rules are far from complete, and I would appreciate your input. The more pointless and draconian the better. A valuable cash prize for the best one! (see rule XXVII)

Rule I: My blog My blog My blog My blog My blog My blog My blog My blog My blog My blog My blog My blog My blog.

Rule II: No fucking swearing on my blog, you fucks.

Rule III: Everything written on this blog is 100 per cent truth, honest injun, even the bits I just made up.

Rule IV: Send more money.

Rule V: The webmaster reserves the right to delete, edit or alter user comments on the grounds of abuse, taste or decency. Or if I think I can get a cheap laugh.

Rule VI: Rule deleted for a cheap laugh.

Rule VII: Keep off the grass. No smoking. Mind the gap.

Rule XXVII: Prizes offered in competitions may not exist. This is particularly true if cold, hard cash is offered.

Rule LXIX: Beavis and Butt-Head impressions only at the discretion of the owner. This sucks, dude, what's on the other channel?


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