Monday, October 04, 2004

Baghdad Hilton

Baghdad Hilton

Did anyone see Terry Waite talking about the Iraq hostage crisis on Newsnight the other night? It's just "Me, me, me" with some people.

Waite: "The lucky, lucky bastard! Chained to a radiator, eh? Orange jumpsuit, eh? That's bloody favouritism, that is. I used to dream of being chained to a radiator. Four years in the room the size of a fridge, and they only hung me the right way up yesterday. Bloody jailer's pet!"
Jeremy Paxman: "Shut up."

Waite: "I used to hang there at night, wishing somebody would, just once, spit in my face and chop my head clean off my shoulders. But no, here he comes without a by-your-leave, and they chain him to a bloody radiator. They must think the sun shines out of his arse!"
Paxman: "Well the Archbishop of Canturbury was well shot of you, wasn't he?"

Waite: "Nice one Centurion! Like it, like it!"
Paxman: "SHUT UP!"
Waite: "Terrific race, the Arabs, terrific."

A question of etiquette

Dear Deirdre

When writing a reference for a tradesman, should one asterisk out the profanities or leave them in? The useless ****ing ****.


******* of Weymouth

Ah yes, your service industry tales of woe, if you please.

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