Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Thursday vote-o: the truth at last

The Thursday vote-o: the truth at last

So, Thursday comes round again, and there you are, in from of your computers, expecting me to come up with a selection of stories for your voting delight.

Alas, this list does not contain the legendary tale of mirth and woe named "Lemon", simply because it has not yet been written, and because it involves a certain amount of embarrassment for both myself and a regular reader of this page *cough* Balders *cough*. Feast your eyes, me lovlies, on this collection of literary gems:

* Duke of Kent, in which your hero taps HRH for a pair of Cup Final tickets - with hilarious results!
* Presto, in which your hero pays the price for a teenage pornography habit - with hilarious results!
* Octopus, in which your hero can't remember what the hell this story is about** - with hilarious results!
* Exams, in which your hero discovers how to get ahead in life with the minimum of effort - with hilarious results!
* Diet Club, in which your hero goes on a diet, yet remains a famous fat bastard - with hilarious results!
* Yvette, in which your hero ends up getting married to someone not called Yvette - with hilarious results!

The Buy-Scaryduck-a-new-towel Appeal is coming on very nicely, thank you very much Lori. Total raised so far: 5.00. Did I mention I'll probably be using this item as my main place of abode by the end of this month?

** Fear not, it's vomit.

These hostages in Iraq...

How come they always seem to appear on "Islamist Message Boards"?

Are they anything like the ones I hang about on? We sent our heavily-disguised researchers out to find out. With depressing results:

"OMFG! We totally pwn3d the Yank33 1nf1dels!!!111one!!!"

*link sending noobs to goatse*

"U R teh GAY and Yr mom blowz camel3! LOL!"

*random Monty Python quote and a million pictures of a kitten*

The internet is doomed.

While you're still here

I command you to visit the weblog of Twenty Major, it rules TEH INTARNET!

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