Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On expensive films

On expensive films

Hollywood's gone mad again, with Avatar setting the bar higher than ever for the sheer scale of cost and box office returns.

Of course, there's easy money to be made by taking existing films and making them expensiver. More expensive. Whatever.

- Get Cartier
- 24 Carat Party People

- Gladiate more
- Collectable Toy still in its original packaging Story

- Saving Private Ryan money on his car insurance
- Nanny Mc Inflated Phee

- One Million Years HSBC
- Lord of the Rings - Return of the Unwanted Christmas Present to the customer service desk in Harrods, which is noted for being quite expensive

Sadly, TV is having to tighten its belt, as the latest remake proves:

- Space: £19.99

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