Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Yet another departmental meeting

"And the first item on the agenda, ladies and gentlemen, is the most pressing issue affecting the image of this organisation.

"Despite the repeated warnings on numerous occasions, I can count no less than three of you wearing socks and sandals in this meeting room alone."

Guilty looks, shuffling feet.

"Now, I am a forgiving sort of person. I notice that two of you have tried to hide your filthy habit with long trousers and socks the same colour as your footwear.

"Consider yourselves on duble secret probation."

A tremulous finger points to a quivering individual at the back of the room.

"And as for you..."

Brown sandals.

Red socks.

Three-quarter-length khaki cargo trousers.

Two inches of skinny white leg.

Time stands still.


"Thank you, for your intervention, Miss White.

"Now, as I said, there are two of you wearing socks and sandals in this room alone. Let us move onto the next item of the agenda with that warning ringing in your ears... "

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