Sunday, November 28, 2010

On Bob Servant, again

On Bob Servant, again

I've written about the marvellous Bob Servant before, and his official spokesman Neil Forsyth has been in touch to ask if I would care to mention his latest book.

Bob is the hero of Dundee's Broughty Ferry who spends his spare time replying to spam emails with ridiculous requests until the culprits beg for mercy. And, happily, Delete this at your Peril is now available in an expanded edition. I LOLed last time, and I LOLed some more. In fact, I LOLOLOLed.

Now, he's back with his autobiography, Hero of Dundee, telling how he nearly joined the Merchant Navy, became a window cleaning magnate, before taking a key role in Dundee's Cheeseburger Wars ("the closest any major city has ever come to anarchy"), before describing his relentless pursuit of "skirt".

It is, of course, very funny indeed, and even a jaded old hack as myself found myself genuinely laughing out loud.

Bob's even on the radio these days, and you can catch his programme on Radio Scotland and BBC iPlayer.


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