Monday, December 19, 2011

The campaign to eliminate Powerpoint presentations from workplace meetings


A necessary evil.

A necessary evil, until Powerpoint becomes involved, making them just plain EVIL.

We here at the THINKIUM INSTITUTE, a wholly owned subsidiary of Scaryduck Labs (Motto: "We say what you pay us to say") are of the opinion that Powerpoint presentations in meetings are an unconscionable WAR CRIME that should be punished by DEATH.

Being mindful of the Geneva Conventions and other so-called Human Rights laws, we find that it is not entirely practical to execute Powerpoint criminals completely to DEATH. Therefore, it is the THINKIUM INSTITUTE's mission to discourage these curs from perpetrating their vile practices upon us in the only legal ways available to us.

For example:

These simple steps - the THINKIUM INSTITUTE argues - will effectively purge our work places of the dread curse of the Powerpoint Presentation. If we - as a civilisation - work together with a unified strategy to eliminate this scourge, we estimate that Powerpoint will be eliminated within a matter of months. Join us.

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