Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Painful Death to Comic Sans

Another new computer system, another training day:

"And this is the tab where you change the display font. Any questions so far?"

" Yeah... Where's Comic Sans?"

"Beg pardon, Mr Hunt?"

"You've got this tab where I can change the font, but it won't let me change to Comic Sans. What's going on?"

"Err... We only had room for six fonts and we decided..."

"What? WHAT?! I can only work in Comic Sans - it reflects my happy-go-lucky, oh-so-whacky lifestlye, and all my colleagues love me for it."

"Sorry, Colin, it's Times New Roman and like it. Any other questions? Sensible ones?"

A hand goes up.

"And another thing. Where are the bloody Wingdings?"

"Advanced users only."

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