Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Condensed Movies: The Hunger Games

I made a vow that I would never do another condensed movie on this site. So, here it is.

The Hunger Games

Catpiss Littertray: Hello. I am Catpiss Littertray, and I am excellent. Today, I shall be mostly hoping that my little sister doesn't get chosen for the Hunger Games becuase she is a wet and a weed and say hello sky hello clouds etc etc chiz chiz

E. Trinket: And the representatives from District 12 are... Catpoo Littertray. Oh, and Peter Dreary

Catpiss: Oh, BUM HAMMERS. In which case: I volunteer for certain death, FFS.

E. Trinket: LOL

President Kiefer Sutherland's Dad: Welcome to TEH HUNGER GAMES. The winner shall receive this ENORMOUS PIE

Catpiss: Mmmm... pie

President Kiefer Sutherland's Dad: Mmmm... pie

Catpiss: When come back, bring pie

Simon Cowell: Heh heh heh. Little do they know that I have a secret plan to keep ALL TEH PIE to myself


Catpiss: Ish. Ash. Oosh. Kill Kill Kill. LOLOLOLOL

Peter Dreary: I love you, Catpiss

Catpiss: I love you too, Peter Dreary

Cato from The Pink Panther films (I think): DIE! DIE! DIE! Oh, I have been eaten by dogs LOL

Catpiss: We have won, LIKE A BOSS

Simon Cowell: Oh ho ho, that's what you think, because I have changed the rules, LIKE A BOSS

President Kiefer Sutherland's Dad: Congratulations on your victory, Simon Cowell. Here is your POISON PIE, LIKE A FUCKING BOSS

Simon Cowell: Oh, BUM HAMMERS

Peter Dreary: Now we are famous, and have qualified for the Hunger Games World Cup. I wonder who we've got in the first round?

Freaky Blue Haired Bloke: And welcome to the first round of the Hunger Games World Cup, where our very own District 12 winners take on South Africa's District 9.

Catpiss: Oh, BUM HAMMERS

THE END (or is it?) YES.

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