Friday, April 27, 2012

George Osborne: Guardian of the Nation

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, the man in charge of all of our money, recently said that he was shocked - SHOCKED - to discover that many of Britain's multi-millionaires are using a number of dodges to minimise the amount of tax that they are paying.

This has been met by a certain disbelief among politics-watchers, wondering how a man who is not short of a few bob himself doesn't know about the large number of legal tax dodges that keep those rich people quite stupendously rich.

However - and controversial point, this - George isn't paid to be observant, merely to steer GB PLC along the straight and narrow back to financial stability.

And because of this, there's quite a few things that George doesn't know. Quite a lot of things:

- His real name is Gideon

- He didn't actually go to school with that Tim Nice-But-Dim character from the television

- Gordon's alive!

- The Beatles have split up

- That nice Clegg chap that helps out next door isn't actually David's butler

- What bears get up to in the woods

- Free Nelson Mandela isn't a reader offer in the Daily Telegraph

- Bruce Willis died in the first reel
Keep up the good work, George!

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