Monday, April 30, 2012

A few suggestions regarding future runnings of the London Marathon

The London Marathon - the ultimate battle between man (and woman) and the mean streets of this nation's capital.

All well and good, but why do the organisers see fit to hold it on a Sunday morning? Imagine my disappointment when rising at some civilised hour on the Sabbath (for eg, lunchtime) to realise that I've missed the whole thing for the tenth year in a row.

Why not - and this is proper thinking out of the box - hold it at a more social hour? I am thinking, in this instance, at 7pm on a Friday evening.

Not only will there be more people up and about to watch London's most demanding sporting event, the later hour will not only see a larger peak-time viewing audience, but it will also encourage the so-called "fun" runners to get a bloody crack on and get off those East End streets before pub throwing-out time.

The added motivation of a sound thrashing from drink-addled Cockneys riled up by the sight of a grown man in an chicken costume will spur these people on to no end of personal bests.

In fact, I would actually pay good money to watch this happen, as long as they play the uplifting music while chicken man is chased around the Isle of Dogs.

London Marathon people: MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

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