Monday, July 29, 2013


I've just invented Dog Poo Golf.

I'm hoping to get Tiger Woods, Sky Sports and the Crufts people on board because this could go HUGE. The demonstration of one's ability to throw small bags of faeces over short distances is one sadly lacking from the public discourse, and this will go some small way to rectify the balance.

The aim of dog poo golf is to get your canine's bag of dog poo into the bin by the park gates in as few throws as possible. Play the shit where it lies, and under no circumstances should you play with somebody else's poo. The sport brings FUN to age old problem of dog mess in public places, and a hole in one may be rewarded with a free pair of latex gloves, while bag splittage incurs a two stroke penalty.

Also: Crazy Dog Poo Golf - the same, only with a windmill in the way. Get that wrong and the shit really hits the fan.

I am not mad


Richard said...

You shanked it.

Poogly Bowler said...

I watched the video hoping to see you swing at the poo with a golf club but, instead, there's limp wristed hoopla-type action.