Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Depressing Poetry Corner: U OK hun xx

Well, hark at me taking the piss out of other people's crappy poetry.

I sat in the car on Monday lunchtime and wrote this. And if you can't get a poem out of your head and onto paper in five minutes, you're doing it wrong.

It's called "U OK hun xx" and it's about the inevitability of time's march. Everybody who writes poems gets to this one sooner or later.

U OK hun xx

The days fall away like leaves
Because you can't stop the clock,
And every morning there's a pain
But it's only inside your head
Because you have nothing to do that's worth your while
So you sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep.
And then you wake up
And tomorrow you wake up
And the day after you wake up
And then one day
You don't wake up.
And that gives you something to look forward to, I suppose.
Somebody asks: U OK hun xx

I've done a version with a Minion, just in case you want to put it on Facebook to depress your friends. Minions are mandatory on Facebook, I gather.

I'm OK hun xx


TRT said...

I'm close to tears.

Rich said...

I still prefer Baldrick's poem 'The German Guns' - altogether now:

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom...

Richard Wintle said...

I am reminded of a haiku you (yes, you, the inimitable Duck of Scariness) once wrote in my old blog's comments. I believe it went:

Buggering bollocks
I can't write sodding haiku
Total bunch of arse

Genius. Sheer, briliant genius.

Unknown said...

Pot <-> kettle