Monday, November 16, 2015

The most hateful phrase in the English language

What's the most hateful phrase in the English language? I've had a long, hard think about this while on hold to an insurance company ("Your call is important to us, that's my we've failed to employ enough telephone operators"), but there are more hateful phrases than mere hold music platitudes,

For example:

"For your convenience..." --- Something that is supposedly done to help you, but is patently not.
For example: "For your convenience, all drinks at this bar are priced at £5"

"A replacement bus service is available"
Translation: "It's the weekend, the roads are rammed, and you thought you might like to travel by train. Think again sucker."

Or perhaps it's a portmanteau:

"For your convenience, a replacement bus service is available."

That's the bastard. And wait, there's another one:

"In order to improve customer service, we have found it necessary to..."



Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank you in advance for your vote.

We apologise for.the inconvenience.

Have a nice day.

Enjoy your meal.

Dynamic synergies.

Like awesome.

God bless America.

Sieg Heil.

TRT said...

For reasons of Health and Safety...

Mr Larrington said...

Come on Tim!

Dr Si said...

Let's party!

Mr Larrington said...

Leverage your core competencies in a customer-facing role.

^^^^ Genuine example of what happens when you let people who use Dilbert's PHB as a role model loose on creating a self-appraisal form. My request for a thesaurus was met with blank stares, derision, and a written warning.