Thursday, November 28, 2002

"Fish News"

Good morning puny humans everywhere, your favourite arch-nemesis Moderately Evil Penguin still at the helm while the Duck gently stews over a low heat in a delicate sauce a l'orange. The best bit about being in charge is reading the Duck's referrer logs - his stats page telling him where you lot came from to get here. And what a bunch of manky old spunkers you are. Here, for your horror and delight are the best ones we've seen so far. They are ALL genuine internet searches that brought peole here. Hooray for Google!

* nude tinny photo angel 16 years
* google foursome sex
* fuck farm
* wap search porn beasteality
* goat sex search engine
* eastenders nude pic
* college naked teens parties
* rape wooden pic piss
* about footballer anal tear pictures
* werewolf equipment for rugby union

and my top three:

* trucks it’s just porn mum juice
* big testicles - how hangers - photos

More of this weird shit here, if you think you can handle it.

Right, that's your lot, I've got a daring raid on Billingsgate Fish Market to pull off today in my bid for world seafood domination. Send more FIIIIISH!

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