Monday, April 14, 2003

"The Monday Link-o-matic"

Weebl and Bob get hairy pie and a song you'll be singing in your head for days.

Mittens the cute kitten visits Atlantis.

Humprey and Duncan go on holiday.

Pengor's being nice. He's after something.

George Bush adds Wales to the Axis of Evil.

"Old spunkers Landlady movie" my favourite google referral ever. Connoisseurs of the art will note that I am result one of one.

And bollocks to this, buy stuff and make me rich!


Arsenal 1-0 Sheffield United, perhaps the spawniest win of all time. The winning goals came as the result of an unfortunate kick the the bollocks and a superb tackle by the referee, who turned out to be our best player on the day.

The whole affair was made memorable by what many people are calling The Save of the Century by the mighty Arsenal's David Seaman. How, a perplexed public is asking, did a thirty-nine year old crock manage to swim through the air like the legendary Billy the Fish and prevent what was a certain goal? Never fear, for we have the answer. Compare and contrast our hero's use of "Spunky Time". The difference being, of course, being that Keanu wouldn't have got a hand to the ball.

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