Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Lazy Blogging

Lazy Blogging

Publishing your referrer logs - the easiest, laziest way to fil your blog, and get a cheap laugh into the bargain. I, with my superior creative intellect, would never, ever do such a thing. So, here we go, and there's a leson to be learned here: Manky blogging attracts manky readers. Which beggars the question - how did you find this place?

* male celebrity cock size keith chegwin - I work in the same building as his charming former wife Maggie Philbin. I'll ask her.

* pictures of gorillas having sex

* Human Cow sex slave milking stories - what is there to say? It's not something I'm particularly proud of.

* free crazy animal fucking - as opposed to crazy animal fucking that you have to pay for.

* Lesbians getting fucked hard in a porno movie whilst looking at turds

* Konnie Huq in a bath of beans

* penguin orgasms - "And as I came, I thought of fish"

* lezbo tub fun - number one result!

* wanking club - number one result!

* Konnie Huq nude - number one result!

* anal sex with large rubber penguins - we could get this one together with free crazy animal fucking guy, with hilarious results!

A sparkling list, and not worrying in any way at all. I'd like to personally thank Miss Konnie Huq for being the rudest Blue Peter presenter since Valerie Singleton, and I look forward to the edition where she spends the entire show "looking at turds".

And while we're here, I've really got to keep plugging the Kirstie Allsopp naked and/or Kirstie Allsopp nude links before my rating slips any further. She's a lovely girl, and I feel that protecting her from the filth and degradation of the internet is my patriotic duty. I will, for a small fee, safeguard those nude photos from a grabbing press and a filthy-minded public, only getting them out for a good, hard polishing every other Tuesday.

And *cough* Natasha Kaplinski nude *cough* I despair for the future of the internet.

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