Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The War on Stupid

The War on Stupid

Hey hey folks - I walked into a lamp post today! Perhaps the most embarrassing thing you can possibly do in the company of the opposite sex as there is no way you can do it without looking a complete twit.

Luckily for me, absolutely nobody saw this act of stupidity, except an entire busload of laughing, pointing schoolkids and a female work colleague.

"Ha ha haaaaaaah!!!!" she said, full of sympathy, as I rebounded into the path of a taxi, "You utter, uttter dick!" Which was more that I deserved, come to think of it.


Yesterday's bloggery seems to have stirred up at literary hornets' nest. So... what are the best - and worst - books you've ever read?

Having just gone through a run of a couple of complete duffers in The Da Vinci Code and The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (Good God man - 1060 pages! Get an editor!), I'm in desperate need of some quality control round here. Suggest-o!

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