Monday, November 25, 2013

Hey everybody! Doctor Who is here!

This materialised in the Bummy Woods behind our house, and is posing a mystery for fellow dog walkers.

Is it a TARDIS? A TURDIS? Is there a dead body inside?

The door was wired shut, but I managed a look through a crack. It's shitter on the inside, and no dead bodies, the local constabulary will be pleased to learn.

So, it's surely the property of the 12th/13th Doctor (whichever method you're using to count) Peter Crapaldi.

And that's all my Doctor Poo toilet jokes exhausted.


Gonzoland said...

Nesting boxes for Surveyors can pop up in unusual places. Visit your local council planning department and don't be put off by signs such as "Beware of the Leopard".

AmyP said...

Oh, surely you can tell us more! Was it bigger on the inside? What color were the fixtures? Matching his and her sinks? A Jacuzzi tub?

Anonymous said...

Who took this picture - Eileen ?

Robert Smith said...

You've got some bloody steep hills in your neck of the woods.