Monday, November 04, 2013

Things To Do In Your Local Retail Park If You're Bored

Bored? Why not take yourself down to your local DIY warehouse, ask loads of pointed questions about the relative strengths of different makes of plastic sheeting and negotiate trade prices for several sacks of quick lime.

Then leave your shopping list lying around on the counter.

Escape before the distant sound of sirens gets louder...


Keith said...

Did you remember to sign it and put your phone number?1011A

TRT said...

Had enough of the AA man, then?

Marky D Sard said...

The flat pack waterboards leak - Avoid.

Keith Smith said...

Officer of the Law: "Your wife has been reported missing, do you know her whereabouts?"

AC: "She's under the patio, sorry osiffer, slip of the tongue, I mean 'she's ON the patio".

Officer of the Law: "That's OK sir. I'll be leaving you now sir. Have a nice day".

AC: "Phew!"