Saturday, April 26, 2014

A list of the top one James Bond themes and you are WRONG

Forget all your bombastic Goldfingers and Diamonds are Forevers, there's only one James Bond theme that counts:

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

And the Propellerheads version from 1997 isn't bad either

No matter what criticism you can throw at OHMSS (and there's a LOT), any film that has this song in its locker can't be all that terrible.

That's enough Bond for now.


Kaptain Kobold said...

I wasn't sung by A-Ha, therefor you are wrong. Only Bond themes sung by A-Ha can be the best.

Muse's more recent one isn't bad. A pity they didn't attach it to a film.

Al said...

"Nobody Does it Better". Because, well, the title is self explanatory. Fool of a duck.

Though "We Have all the Time in the World" is superb

flip mcfliperson said...
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flip mcfliperson said...

With all of your recent James Bonding you forgot the list of the best Secret Service Scientists.

Zimmer said...

Took a complete set of JB VHS videos to the Age Concern shop today, could not face the disappointment of watching them, thanks to these rave(ing) reviews from Herr Scary!


(The one on Nantwich Road, if you are interested, Richard!)

The Dancing Cake Tin said...
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The Dancing Cake Tin said...

The ONLY Bond theme you will ever need.

Beattie Mucks said...

Zimmer: Age Concern do not accept VHS junk. The GesTapeO will call on you.

flip mcfliperson said...

HAHAHAhahahaha. I figured out my tech problems and can now hyperlink with impunity.

Here is that damn link I've been trying to send for weeks. HILL BLOCKS VIEW, Not Many People Realize How Many Scientists James Bond Went Through Before Q

...and sorry, I won't be bothering you again. Today.