Wednesday, April 30, 2014

There can be only one (and at least three others)

I don't usually go Googling myself, but spurred by the internet's Andrea Mann, I went looking for other Alistair Colemans. There aren't many of me, particularly as my name has so many variant spellings, so to find another Alistair Coleman in this world is a rare joy.

Multiplying in all the Alastairs, Alisters, Alisters and Colmans and so on, there are many like me, but very few who are exactly me. Add in my multiple middle names, then I'm pretty sure I'm unique, but not too unique for Lloyds Bank. They've had me as an Alister since 1984, and are in no particular hurry to amend their records, no matter how many times I prod them.

At least one Alistair Coleman (a former research student at a London university) has dropped off the radar, but the internet's like that sometimes. There are people I know very well whose internet footprint is exactly zero. Mine fills the best part of the first two pages of Google, for which I apologise.

So, how many fine individuals who spell their name the correct way can I find out there?

Irish bowler Alistair Coleman

New Zealand sheep and wool supremo Alistair Coleman

Musician and composer Alistair Coleman

He's also the Alistair Coleman that got all the good looks. Not to mention the talent. And the .com.

Of all the Alistair Colemans I've known about, this is the one I feel the most apologetic toward for pushing him down to the second page of Google. Sorry, chap. Please continue being excellent.

Over to you, John Smith.


Wool's Eye said...

Did the model of a Typhoon jet fighter plane hit your namesake?

TRT said...

Are you sure that the Irish Bowler isn't being played by Matthew Perry?

Stuart Savory said...

I have a namesake who is on Facebook (I'm not), otherwise noone.

BalmainBoy said...

Bit of a cricket theme? The NZ farmer looks like Dennis Lillee, if her had kept his hair.

Also, Megan Washington alert:

Alistair Coleman said...

Watched the Washo clip today. Didn't have an inkling, even when I met her.

Anonymous said...

"......Mine fills the best part of the first two pages of Google, for which I apologise......."

You lucky bastard! The Tutor's fills the best part of the first two pages of Google, but only when your search terms are Operation and Yewtree.

Anonymous said...

Watch Megan on Spicks and Specks, e.g., this one:

branestawm said...

I don't know any Alistair Colemans (Colemen?), but I used to work with an Andrea Mann that your Andrea Mann didn't find.