Monday, April 14, 2014

Documenting My Mid-Life Crisis Through The Medium Of Old Band T-Shirts

As my slide into old-fartism continues, I make a desperate attempt to prevent this from happening by pretending to be a teenager.

While most men do this by buying a motorbike or a big flash car, I've gone down the budget route of not acting my age by buying a load of old band T-shirts.


1. The Sisters

2. Joy Division

3. New Order

4. 4AD (Yes, it's a record label. Shut up.)

5. Depeche Mode

6. Primal Scream


Now leave me. Leave me to grow old in peace.


Richard said...

You actually wear t-shirts?

Chas C said...

Bet you haven't a 'Blues Merchants' T-shirt have you? Collectors' items, them!

Anonymous said...

How many of those t-shirts were made by half-starved, little children enslaved by or indentured to some unscrupulous whoremonger and press-ganged to toil endlessly in some dark and dank toxic sweat shop in some Cheap Clothes and Nasty Third World hell hole like Southampton??

Barry said...

Surely wearing t-shirts of bands of your youth just show how old you are, what you need are some of One Direction or Justin Bieber.

Kaptain_Von said...

Sisters? Joy Division? New Order? You sad old goth...oh wardrobe has those Bauhaus, FoTN and The Mission too...crap, midlife crisis looming!

WrathofDawn said...