Wednesday, April 09, 2014

On Monarchy, Rex Particles and SCIENCE

Consider this question which landed on my iPad screen the other day: "Was there a period between King George VI dying and Princess Elizabeth being crowned when the UK had no monarch?"

Interesting indeed.

While the Coronation is merely the ceremonial affirmation of the individual's right to the throne, the concept of monarchy supposedly transfers from dying king to the next in line to the throne at the exact point of death.

But here lies the problem, that can only be addressed by SCIENCE: All things are bound by the rules of the universe, which means nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, not even the idea of Kingliness.

Let us call this concept the Rex Particle.

When King George VI died in Sandingham in Norfolk on 6th February 1952, his daughter Princess Elizabeth was on safari in Kenya, some 7,600 miles away.

So, instead of her immediately becoming Queen as the old monarch breathed his last, the Rex Particles had to travel from Norfolk to Kenya NO FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT before Elizabeth could become Queen.

This would have taken no less than 0.04 of a second, meaning that for 1/250th of a second, the Empire was without a Defender of the Faith.

Then we should take into account that the Rex Particles had to change polarity and become Regina Particles, which would undoubtedly have been the subject of a processing delay, not to mention the entropic possibilities that gamma radiation may have been emitted.

This gamma radiation would undoubtedly have found the nearest sympathetic receptor – Prince Philip – turning him from the mild-mannered naval lieutenant into the fevered monster we know today.

So, SCIENCE. I hope you're satisfied.


Anonymous said...

The Rex particle can travel faster than the speed of light if it is massless, meaning it could have arrived before it left causing a quantum Monarchy bubble of simultaneously having a King and Queen.

TRT said...

Terry Pratchett did this already. Or something very like it.

Testikles said...

Yes, but at what exact point was George VI dead? I presume that the King was dead before a physician pronounced him dead and a pause before someone said:"The King is dead. Long live the Queen." So there was an even bigger time gap. How Britain coped, I'll never know.

Don't worry about Rex Particles. Rex deals with the males and his wife deals with the females. Anyway, at times of crisis, they get help from Heracles next door.

I am not mud.

Dioclese said...

Your hypothesis denies the existence of wormholes, the warp drive and ansibles.

For two events to happens simultaneously does not require them to be connected. For example, Ed Miliband is a twat whether he opens his mouth or not. I have no idea if he is speaking as I write this but undeniably know that if he is then he is talking bollocks whether I can hear it or not.

Black holes were invented for such things...

Ole Phat Stu said...

Often, you will see that the Queen waves, which Rex particles ;-)

Richard said...

There would doubtless need to be some kind of molecular "handshake" between the incoming Rex particle and the Regina receptacle. One hopes his arms were long enough.

Fremsley said...

Surely it takes more than 0.4sec for the monarch of the day to breathe their last or does science say death is instantaneous??

10 Clickety Click said...

Sheer chaos after Harold was defeated at Hastings and before William was declared King.
People were running around a farting in the general direction of K-nights. Oh, the smell!!!

Harry R said...

By what method did the question land on your iPad?

Anonymous said...

"......Prince Philip – turning him from the mild-mannered naval lieutenant into the fevered monster we know today......"

Fevered monster?
Are you mad? The man's comedic genius and timing is impeccable. You're just jealous.

As for your Rex Particles, do they possess wave/particle duality? And what of Quantum Entanglement theory? History has shown us that The Royals are always entangled in something or other.