Saturday, April 19, 2014

Suede - Still Life

In which your author finds himself suddenly obsessed with the majestic Dog Man Star album. Just because.

And if you want something a little less overblown: The Wild Ones.


Lili von Shtupp said...

Dear Scary,
You describe yourself as a French Cabaret Chanteuse but the tracks that you choose are nothing like Trenet and Omnivore - Why?

Anonymous said...

Frau(Fräulein?) Lili von Shtupp,
Herr Duck is actually a Chanteur - replete with a rabbit-fur festooned Trilby hat and expressing that other curious French habit of not showering on a regular basis. His use of the word, Chanteuse, was a result of the psycho-sexual trauma he experienced when lost in the Ardennes when he was sixteen, going on seventeen, and found himself dressed like Liesl von Trapp and forced to watch the ghost of Édith Piaf sing La Vie en rose in German.