Tuesday, March 10, 2015


One thing's led to another, and I've ended up on the shortlist for the UK's Funniest Blogger award again. Regular readers of this nonsense will remember this is the prize I won in 2012 for this site, and in 2014 for Angry People In Local Newspapers, so I'm pleased that my decision to go for quality* rather than keep trying to blog every day appears to have paid off.

So, while I've already cast my vote for the bloody brilliant and slightly sinister Scarfolk Council blog, you can go here and vote how the hell you like. No pressure, but £100 gets 83.333 cups of coffee in the staff canteen round here (slightly more if I bring my own receptacle), and that's not something to be sniffed at.

The good news is that if I don't win, I'm automatically in the running for this award, for which I am considered a shoe-in.

Still here? Get voting.


Turds. You know it makes sense.


#Debi said...

*You'd look good in a hoop skirt. However, I voted for you anyway.

*May contain traces of lie.

Richard said...

When are you going to do the quality posts then?

Flaxen Saxon said...

As usual Mr Duck I'm voting National Bolshelvist. The only party which supports the annexation of the Sudetenland and free pizza. Who needs free speech when you've got free pizza. Hail free pizza. Arse.

Gonzoland said...

@FlaxSax - The Shelvist movement is rocky at the moment so, Support the Shelves and bring stability

Anonymous said...

Dunnit :)