Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More FACTS about FACTS

More FACTS about FACTS

FACT! Rap music's Usher got his name after working in a cinema for three years. Ironically, he worked behind the popcorn counter!

FACT! Before 1967, the seas of the world were crystal clear and perfectly safe to drink - that was before a collision in the English Channel between two supertankers carrying salt and 250,000 tons of blue food dye. The rest, as they say, is history

Don't talk to us about how the Yellow Sea got its name

FACT! The top programme on Indian TV at the moment is supernatural cricket drama Virender Sehwag and his Haunted Manbag, in which Indian cricket sensation Virender Sehwag solves a number of perplexing mysteries with the help of his haunted manbag

FACT! Incidentally - Australia's top TV show is also cricket related, telling the tale of a former team captain's whacky adventures with the spirit of a dead prostitute living in his neigbour's apartment: Steve Waugh and the Haunted Whore Next Door

FACT! The full text of any Customs and Excise winding-up petition is as follows: "We, the undersigned, think you're a knob-end"

FACT! A newly-opened Spanish restaurant in the town of Melton Mowbray goes under the name Pork Pie-ella

FACT! After months of combing through archives at the British Library, historians have finally managed to answer the eternal question that has vexed academics for years: "Who was in the first edition of Fiesta's Readers Wives when they clearly didn't have any readers before that point?" The solution, as published in the Journal of Scud Historians, is simple: Your Mum

FACT! I forgot to upload today's intended blog post (a sickening tale of death and destruction involving loveable old cloth cat Bagpuss), so you're getting FACTS today instead

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