Monday, September 20, 2010

The Fragrant Mrs Duck: An Apology

The Fragrant Mrs Duck: An Apology

There are, I am told, a number of so-called "Super Injunctions" in force, taken out by Premier League footballers to prevent reporting of their tawdry private lives.

So strict are these court orders, that even to report that the injunction exists means a conviction for contempt of court, let alone telling the world that ****** ********* of ******* FC has been ****** with ******, ******* ***** ****** and the Grand Champion of Crufts.

And that, until the day the rich and powerful decide that the British libel laws should no longer act as a sledgehammer of the rich and powerful, is the way of the world.

And that is also the way of this blog, although without the ****** with ******, ******* ***** ****** and the Grand Champion of Crufts.

Over the years, I have noted - with some glee - the Laws of the Household to which I am subjected by The Fragrant Mrs Duck. These include contradictory rules about toilet seats, feet on sofas and the use of garden out-buildings.

That was right up to the moment that I mentioned the Spoon Laws on these pages on the day of an unannounced spot-check of blog content. And, for this, I can only apologise to my charming wife.

So, there may or may not be a super injunction in force in which I cannot even mention the new house rule about not mentioning new house rules in blog posts about new house rules or the prohibiting of mentioning thereof.

Not even the new fatwa on cleaning out the hair trap in the shower.

Alles klar?

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