Friday, September 23, 2011

Bands that sound like animals

Bands that sound like animals

I repeat: Bands that sound like animals, but mostly "gnu". With thanks to the fellow lunatics who follow me on Twitter.

* Gnus N' Roses
* Orchestral Gnu-vres in the Dark

* Gnu Kids on the Block
* Gnu Order

* Kajagnugnu
* My Chemical Rodents

* Ultrafox (lead singer Midge Ewe)
* Termite Be Giants

* Pig Country
* Depeche Mole

* Platypussycat Dolls
* Carter the Unstoppable Sex Macaque

* Happy Monkeys
* Kings of Lion

* Half Clam Half Biscuit
* Ewe 2

Pop Stars Who Sound Like Sex Acts

* David Blowie
* Boner out of Ewe 2

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