Wednesday, September 14, 2011



I've been reading this book about Gandhi.

What a bloke.

I'm impressed - in the main - by his principles of passive resistance, to which he stuck by his guns admirably. He also had a theory for long life which essentially boiled down to:

- Vegetarianism
- Meditation
- Massage

Which is why he made his pile with his chain of Indian veggie restaurants, cunningly named "Fuck off out of India, you English bastards", which gave the diner plenty of time for meditation by leaving a minimum of three hours between each course.

Well, worth the wait, naturally, because each set meal came with a massage and a happy finish.

The inventor of the in-store loyalty card, every tenth rub-and-tug was made even happier by being free-of-charge.

I am prepared to accept that the book about Gandhi may not have been entirely accurate.

Gandhi! Let's hear it for Gandhi!

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