Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eating my own words

So, one thing led to another, and I won the competition to find the UK's funniest blogger for the second time in three years.

This time it was for my labour of love that is Angry People in Local Newspapers, and I am now the proud owner of a Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Now, I am well aware that I made a deal with the Devil to secure this victory, and the deal was that I would have to find some way to legitimately appear in my own blog, pointing angrily at something. And here's the rub - nothing nasty ever happens in Fleet, and there's precious little fury to be had in the Fleet News and Mail. Even the Phantom Hedge Crapper's given up and gone home, and I have nothing to be angry about.

This means that I am a pointer for hire. If anybody has something that vexes them in their local area (easy traveling distance from NE Hampshire) and needs somebody to point at the reason for their fury, THEN I AM YOUR MAN.

Help me out here, people. The Prince of Darkness want payback.


Gonzoland said...

Here in Wales, waste-of-space Party List Assembly members are finding plenty of things to point their fingers at. If a trip on Great Western is too expensive, complain about the lack of wifi somewhere local e.g. the funeral director's office. Take a selfie with your Nexus.

Anonymous said...

Things To Do In Hampshire When You're Dead (Angry)

(Plus a heartening example of local anger over something ludicrously trivial getting it changed.)








PS - I thought you said that if you won, you'd take the beer money?

Anonymous said...

Bet you are not brave enough to come and point at Legoland:


Anonymous said...

PS - For some reason I posted one of those links twice, thus missing out on the one you were probably most likely to go for, since it basically entails going to an art gallery and pointing indignantly at Art.


There you go!

Anonymous said...

Scotland. Alex Salmond.

That is all.

Richard Wintle said...

What about the crazy lady who lobs meat from upstairs? Could you point at some of it and exclaim SHAME! THE WASTE!!! or something?

Full of good ideas, me.