Saturday, December 28, 2002

"Excuse me sir, do you have a licence for zis minky?"

I got socks this Christmas. Homer Simpson. In sock form. We also got a whale. A great big stonking Minky Whale that swam into Portland Harbour and tried to kill itself by ramming itself up the beach near to Scaryduck Towers. Repeatedly.Opinion is divided in the Scary household as to why it would resort to this kind of behaviour, but the arguments have boiled down to the following:

* Depressed over the prospect of war with Iraq and North Korea, coupled with a poor selection of Christmas presents
* In-laws coming to stay, forever
* Kurt Cobain in another life
* Repeatedly buggered by Georges the Randy Dolphin, who just can't leave it alone

The RSPCA have done their best for the poor chap, but things just aren't looking too good, and it appears we'll have a dead whale stinking the place up for the New Year. God, I hope they blow it up. We haven't finished the Turkey yet.

Pukka festive Weebl and Bob story HERE.

And finally, let us pray for Our Lord Wil Wheaton's burning wang. Now wash your hands.

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