Monday, December 09, 2002


Greetings, human scum. There's been one or two developments on the People's Popular Penguin Revolution Front since last I wrote. First up, the message still hasn't got through about how serious we are about cooking the duck so we've had one or two pictures done to force the point home. And that's a real gun, not some plastic thing that came with Action Man. At all.

And just to prove how hard we are, here are the massed ranks of the Penguin Liberation Front (Officials) in the steely depths of our underground bunker. Aren't we cute... err.. tough?

Finally, a major victory for the Penguin cause, with our armed takeover of the Voice of the Capitalist Duck-Controlled Propaganda Mouth-piece Radio Scary. Thanks to the bravery of Little Flossie we were now broadcasting to the world as Radio Scary - The Voice of Penguin Liberation.

Onwards to Penguin Freedom! Give us fish or give us death! On second thoughts, just give us the fish.

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