Wednesday, December 04, 2002

"Who you gonna call?"

There is a small cross at the end of the garden at Scaryduck Towers, right up against the back wall. There is one word written on it: "Bobby". Who Bobby was, we have no idea as we've only lived here for nine months, but it in all certainty, he probably wasn't a family member. Not a human one, anyway.

Over the last couple of weeks, Mrs Scary and Scaryduckling have both noticed strange things in the kitchen. Twas just a few days ago while Scaryduckling was playing under the table when she saw a set of paws scamper past. It couldn't have been Molly, our neurotic lesbian cat, as she's not allowed in the kitchen so... wwwwoooOOOOOOooooooo part one.

A couple of days ago, Mrs Scary was cooking, when she turned around and saw a small Scottie dog standing in the doorway. "Woof", it said, silently. She did a double-take and it was gone. WWwwwWWwwwOOOOoooooooo.....WOOF! It appears that we've found Bobby and the Scaryducks have now been joined by Scarydog. I've looked under E in the Yellow Pages, and bugger our luck, there's not a local exorcist to be had. It looks like we're stuck with him.

If he gets ectoplasm on the carpet, I'll rub his filthy little nose in it.


Forget fantasy sports, why not play Fantasy Terrorism?

It's coming up to the New Year, so why not treat yourself to a Luxury Shed Calendar? Guaranteed 100% shed.

Yarr! Bob's Week in France Part VI. Titty biscuits!

And thank you to The Weblog Review for being nice to us.

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