Saturday, December 21, 2002

"Ho. Ho. Ho."

I've made you all a rather nice, but ultimately sweary Christmas card. And people call me a Scrooge. Make your own here.

And if you're looking for that ideal present for an aunt or a grandmother - oh my good God, I've been turned into a clockwork cucumber! (Adult site - possibly not safe for work, says the duck who's got a big pink picture of a nob on his page). Thanks to Lou for the spot. You can get a three dollar discount here, along with a definately-not-safe-for-work picture of me and a close personal friend.

Shiiit n' shit: See this page as written by Snoop Doggy Dogg. Know what I'm sayin'? Tell the truth, it actually makes more sense that way. Get yo' ass over to Ask Snoop and mess wit' your own site.

Find of the Day: TTR2, bursting to the gills with all the junk that's floating around the net. They've turned their crap filter up to eleven and have the only the best and funniest viral stuff for your viewing pleasure. Comes with the all-important Scaryduck seal of approval.

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