Wednesday, March 26, 2003

"Holy Crappos"

It's no good, I've got to do it. Sheila sent me this link months ago, but I've been too scared to post it in case it makes me look ...well... too smug by half. Judging by the fact that the page hasn't been updated for over a year now, I can safely bring to you... the worst blog in the world...ever! Allow me to bring you a sample.

and oh DEARIES MEEEEE... i'm so popular noW!!!!! phone's been ringing oFF the hooOK this weekend foe me and ppl been comin over to work on calc... eH.. not WITH me... but me instructing.. BAHHAHAAHAH i'm not THAT smart!!!i dont' know anythiNG!!! even JEFFFFFFF kalled me oh me oh mY O_o but he was nice this time so i'm not complaining =]


Tomorrow, I shall be posting a brand spanking new Scaryduck story. You, dear reader, may wish to choose which one it will be:

* "Cross Country" - School long-distance running woe.
* "Rocket" - School blowing up things in a non-warlike manner woe.
* "The Bloke Behind Me" - Loud, drunk Scottish person woe.

Please register your vote in the "Speak your brains" section, where I will completely ignore it. Hey - if you want democracy, move to Iraq. Or something.

Holy cow. We're at war, there's thousands of heavily armed people running round doing unspeakable things to each other, and some jerk went and gave Cindy Crawford a gun. Has the world gone mad? Next you'll be telling me Jennifer Lopez is packing heat. Oh.

Stop the Presses! I am proud to announce that today, my very own Scaryduckling received a Blue Peter Badge in return for a very nice letter she wrote about dolphins. My work as a parent is now complete.

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