Friday, March 28, 2003

"War Latest"

This reaches us from Subversity, a most excellent blog that isn't scared to speak what's on his mind. I hope he doesn't mind me changing it a bit.

Newsflash: In an unexpected development at the United Nations, Canada has called for “immediate and decisive” regime change in the USA to secure freedom and democracy for the “peace loving peoples of this planet”. Canadian Mounties armed with the latest “Maple Syrup” technology will shock and awe the US military by making a lightning strike on Washington DC. "We and our coalition partners should be in Washington within three days" said one Canadian general, barely suppressing a smirk.

Sources close to the Canadian government do not expect troops loyal to George Bush to provide much resistance, "They are waiting to be set free of this despotic regime" a Canadian MP said. “We expect most troops loyal to George Bush will surrender as soon as they experience the overwhelming force of our Canadian Mounties backed up with the crack 4th Lumberjack Armoured Division.”

And what of George Bush? “Operation American Freedom will suceed. The Mounties always get their man”, said a RCMP spokesman.

"Fresh Pie"

\o/ Yay for new Weebl and Bob! \o/ And it's crusty. The evil genuis behind W&B also made this rather touching Kraftwerk-meets-Mother's Day thingy which refuses to leave my head.

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