Monday, May 19, 2003


The mighty Arsenal win the Cup. Again. And a jolly good time was had by all.


I found a copy of the Daily Star on the bus on Friday. Nothing remarkable there, I was planning to use the comic as something for my ickle puppy Harry to poop over as he still can't get to the toilet on time. On page three of this remarkable piece of journalism (apart from a young lady with hardly any clothes on) was one of those little windows full of useless shit you didn'y know. Ten Celebrity Collectors it screamed. Number One: Kim Basinger - Inflatable Ducks.

Inflatable Ducks? Are those regular inflatable ducks, or inflatable ducks with realistic orifices? We all know the stories about certain film stars' nocturnal habits, but lovely Kim Basinger? I'm shocked and surprised. If she wanted a real duck, she could have just come round here.

Strangely, a google search of Kim Basinger Inflatable Ducks has failed to throw up any evidence of her particular pecadillo. She's kept that one quiet.

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