Friday, December 26, 2003

Hot tootbrush action

More on the toothbrush, cos it's still officially ace, and electric. This morning, I found that by opening and closing my mouth while brushing my teeth I can a) simulate a charming wintery snowfield on the bathroom mirror and b) play "Wake me up before you go-go" on my teeth. Fantastic.

I am still unable to bring you details of Nigel's broken arm, except to say that independent judges scored it 6.5 on the Kneivel Scale for style, control, damage and stupidity. I shall be seeing himself on Tuesday, where I expect to get an official statement whilst simultaneously taking the piss.

Finally, here is Mrs Duck's Xmas greeting to you all which she painted in acrylics on glass. It took us ages to get it off the screen.

Aaaaaaw, isn't he cute?

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