Thursday, December 18, 2003

Random acts of animal cruelty

You may have heard of the cult web site Cat Scan, where readers were urged to sit their feline friends on their scanner and send in the results. Arses to that. We've upped the ante. Welcome to Bunny Scan. That'll learn the carrot-munching bugger.

In the interests of our ongoing research into unspeakable cruelty, we urge you, dear reader, to send in your own pictures to the usual address. (Send us a megabyte-sized .bmp, and we'll personally come round and tough you up like a ginger step-child). Unwanted Christmas gifts for the best one!


Congratulations to all the winners of the Guardian British Blog Awards, of which a certain duck was one of the judges. A special "woo! yay!" to Belle de Jour for her triumph in the Best Written category which I was judging, even if, admittedly, she was not my choice.

My winner? I couldn't possibly comment. *cough* Late Bland *cough*


This week there is a limited shortlist for tomorrow's Scary story:

* Christmas Party Woe: A tale that features not only copious amounts of booze and vomit, but also real live lesbians!

The usual shoehorn-in-an-inppropriate-phrase challenge applies though. I shall endeavour to find a place for “Dragged through a tunnel full of turds and wasps,” as mentioned by Sean Lock on Room 101 last week, as it tickled me. Suggest-o!

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