Monday, January 17, 2005

Pet Woe

Pet woe

Mrs Duck has had a bad day. She had put evil hamster Ryan Minogue is his run-around ball so she could clean his cage.. Twenty minutes later, she finds said ball - open, with no trace of hammy - next to a suspicious-looking dog who is licking his lips.


Fluffy ending - the Minogue had escaped (possibly with a little help from his canine housemate) and was eating the speaker cables under the stereo. The little git.

Unfluffy ending - The dog then got far too excited about the whole affair, pissed on the living room carpet and got stuck in the cat-flap trying to effect his escape. The little git.

The whole episode has had an unnverving effect on Ryan's owner, the boy Scaryduck Jr.

"I don't want to call him Ryan Minogue any more"

"Oh yes, and what do you want to call him?"



It would be best to point out at this stage that the finger-eating bastard Ryan was bought as an investment. Because you never know when Richard Gere will arrive at your door with a huge wad of cash, begging for rodents.

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