Thursday, July 28, 2005

Corrupt Uncles

Vote-me-don't, as usual

Look, can't a man take a week off work and leave his website on autopilot every now and then?

I am off work. Painting a house, visiting the Lions at Longleat, or, more than likely, swatting the childs off the computer so I can have a go.

So, by the fool-proof scientific method know as "Ip Dip Dog Shit", I have already chosen tomorrow's tale of mirth and woe. And Lordy, it's woeful.

Nothing to see here (apart from an excellent bit below). Move along, ma'am.

Corrupt Uncles

From the Oxford Dictionary of Bollocks:

Corrupt uncle, n, Indirect method of talking about oneself in order to avoid a confession of any sort of wrongdoing or socially unacceptable action.
"My corrupt uncle needs a password for - can anybody help him?"

My corrupt uncle enjoys listening to downoladed music and looking at pictures of young ladies with very few clothes. How corrupt is YOUR uncle? Female readers may wish to tell us about their slightly-out-of-order aunt.

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