Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Random Acts

Making Mr Biffo happy

1. Go to this eyeball-peeling website.
2. Vote for “Manners” in the vote-me-do in left hand bar.
3. Feel pleased with yourself.

This is an episode of My Parents Are Aliens written by friend-I-met-on-the-internet Mr Biffo. He’s only asking because he feels this particular instalment is artistically far better than the others, and not, repeat NOT anything to do with a fat repeat fee.

Making Peckuss happy

1. Visit Dull But Adequate.
2. Encourage author to write more of same
3. Feel pleased with yourself, again.

That is all.

Fnarr etc

Another milestone in Duck family history last Friday night, when Scaryduck Jr, at the age of nine, discovered the joys of the double entendre.

It started, as it always does, innocently enough:

Mrs Duck: “Haven’t you made a cup of tea yet?”

Me: “I thought you were doing it.”

SD Jr: “Mwahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!”

Mr & Mrs Duck: “……?”

SD Jr: “You… ha ha haaaaaaa! said….. pfffft!... DOING IT!”

Mrs Duck: “Doing what?”

SD Jr: “You know… the sex. HA! DOING IT!”

Life just got that tiny bit better. Or worse. Or something.

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