Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Stupid Names, again, possibly

Stupid Names, again, possibly

Now that Blogger have mucked about with their “search this blog” facility, and still suffering from a short-to-medium term memory loss, I have absolutely no idea what I’ve blogged on in the past. I am certain, however, that we’ve done the whole Parents-Who-Give-Their-Kids-Stupid-Names thing at some stage or other.

Now, my name is hardly the most sensible in the world (after all, what kind of parent calls their son “Scary”, I ask you), but my heart went out to some kids singled out for attention by the BBC during the Great North run recently.

Ace Cooper.

They called him “Ace”. Have they not seen Red Dwarf? The second his school mates realise he can be expanded to “Ace Hole”, his life will become a misery.

I’m already on record that I had severe difficulties in my previous existence as a Dole Office clerk signing on Mr Wanker, and that our town is policed by Constable Rick O’Shea.

Any of you lot want to blame the parents?

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