Monday, October 24, 2005

Worst Website Ever, Again

Worst Website Ever, Again

Bad websites are excellent. Really bad websites, if they weren’t struggling under the weight of pop-ups, wanky cursor trails and embedded flash files might, one day, take over the world.

It is, then, pleasing to see that my favourite bad website – which I must visit daily as part of my work scraping world media news into a neat, conical heap – just got worse:

I give you the Bombay-based media and advertising news website Exchange4media, a site that makes the CITV website look a paragon of sanity. There’s content in there. Somewhere. Honest.

Now: you.

Edit: Commenting appears to be borked today. You may wish to reply on this here discussion thread.

Edit-me-edit: Comments now working again. Grrrr....

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