Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tony Blair's "Buggered Melons" shame

Arse, Thursday already

Look, it’s Thursday, and I’ve brought it all down on my own head. Here’s four stories, and I’d really, really appreciate it if you voted for “Revolution!” so I can go to bed early:

* Revolution! – “The best story, ever!”: Paul Ross
* Donkey – He haw he haw he ought to know better
* Zombie Dave – This one’s crap. Not about Zombies at all.
* The Breakfast Club – Nothing to do with the film. Vote for some other story.

Quote of the Day

“He is not to be trusted. I understand his bins are always full of buggered melons.” – Russian President Vladimir Putin on his meeting with Tony Blair Downing Street.

“Uglier than an Ocean Finance customer, as hideous as Deirdre Barlow’s reptilian neck.” – Vladimir Putin spurns the generous offer of a “three-up” with Cherie Blair.

“Keep away from my bins, fool!” – British Prime Minister Tony Blair

And thus the wheels of world diplomacy turn ever onwards.

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